The Irish people are very friendly and polite with us, they always say please and thank you. The houses are very clean. Most of the houses are the same, they are in a housing estate. In Ireland, everything is green – the flag, the streets, the gardens. The Irish accent is very beautiful. The weather is cold, even though it was a hot day for Ireland. It’s difficult to get used to the cars being on the other side of the road. All of the buses are double-decker buses. The daily routine is very different – for example, they eat dinner earlier than us, the meals are very hot and spicy. The families are really big. In comparison with the rest of Europe, the plugs are different. We are one hour behind Spain, and two hours behind Latvia. We noticed how there are two language in Ireland, English and Irish. We learned how to say hello in Irish, Dia Dhuit. 

Yesterday, we visited the town of Malahide with Lisa. Malahide has a beautiful castle and nice marina. There are a lot of tourists in the town. Malahide has cool shops like Starbucks. It was expensive but we bought ice-cream and coffee. We walked to the beach. The water was clean, transparent and of course, cold. There aren’t a lot of boats in the water. From the beach, there is a beautiful view of all of the houses. We noticed it is quite a rich city.